Prevention is Key

One of the principles in Chinese medicine is prevention. This is a practice that places emphasis on preventing potential problems. In Chinese medicine a practitioner will often check your tongue, take your pulse, and ask some questions about your digestion. These are methods of diagnosing a disease in Chinese medicine, as well as detecting a potential disease that might be in the process of occurring. An important goal of Chinese medicine is to prevent a disease before it happens. For example, if the tongue is red it might indicate toxic heat in the body. Or even if the patient is normal but their stool sticks to the toilet it may also mean they have toxic heat or high cholesterol, and the heat can be expelled through an herbal formula prescribed by the practitioner. Chinese herbs are very beneficial in treating sub-health conditions. The key to having a healthy lifestyle and staying healthy is through prevention. Contact us to see how Chinese medicine can keep your health in good shape.

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