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When treating skin problems on the face like acne, Rosacea, and Seborrheic Dermatitis, some people try everything from western prescription medication to topical use products that all claim to get rid of the skin inflammation.

However, what happens when you stop using said product, and the problems come back. Only topical cream or drinking antibiotic medication can’t treat the root of the problem.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed to occur when the person has an imbalance hormone problem and some retained toxic heat in the body. This toxic heat needs to be expelled from the body. We also need to balance the hormone; you may accumulate toxic heat when you have an imbalance in the body. Chinese medicine clears toxic heat and balances your body; it can successfully control and reduce the recurrence of skin problems.

Acne & Rosacea are presented by many different factors and appear different on people affected. Chinese herbs are the better route of treatment, especially if you have exhausted many options with no positive results. When you use Chinese herbs, you get a specific formula catered to getting rid of the problems, that specifically addresses the root cause of the skin condition, as it appears on you. Chinese herbal treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach, it is created to meet your individual needs. This is done to treat the whole body, so that the underlying cause is addressed, and thus reducing the recurrence of acne & Rosacea.

Why Us?

Dr. Xiaona Yang Has Successfully helped many Acne /Rosacea /Seborrheic Dermatitis Patients. See actual case below.

Seborrheic Dermatitis is known for presenting itself as dandruff and scaly red patches on the scalp, your face, and even the chest area.

In western medicine, SD is said to be caused by an overgrowth of yeast and a faltering immune system.

Most people find it hard to get relief because they get prescribed the same treatments such as creams, ointments, or anti-fungal medications.

Some Topical treatments can do more harm than good because prolonged use can thin out the skin and make it more vulnerable to a recurrence.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed to stem from a hormone imbalance and toxic heat inside the body. Natural Chinese herbs are the first form of treatment and they treat the root of the imbalance.

Other factors to pay attention to our sleep and diet. You must sleep well or this can cause your hormone imbalance to worsen and the skin to become worse.

The quicker you get treatment for SD, the faster the results and better the outcome. Regardless of severity and length, Chinese medicine can help with inflammation, itchiness, and can provide a better facial complexion.

Case Study

*Actual Patient Pictures*

Patient came in to see us after exhausting all of her options for acne treatment. Most treatments were a temporary fix or did not help at all. Below there is a comparison of her before and after our treatment. We gave the patient a special Chinese herbs formula catered to her condition and symptoms. Chinese herbs work synergistically to expel toxins in the body, balance the hormones, and improve overall body functions. This patient now has a better complexion, and clear skin, free of acne and acne scars. Our treatment works by healing from the inside to get to the root of the condition and achieving great results on the outside! Better skin is only one of the many benefits of Chinese herbs.


Acne Treatment Chinese Herb

After Treatment


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