Chinese medicine for acne

There are many different types of acne, and different causes as well. Some people suffer from acne because of a poor diet, genetics, imbalanced hormones, stress, or skin type. Many people affected by acne, try to get rid of it with antibiotics, creams, face washes, and other treatments, without seeing positive results. However, no matter the type of acne Chinese medicine can treat it efficiently. Chinese herbs are a beneficial treatment for acne because it treats your body as a whole and cures from the inside. It is theorized that acne comes from toxic heat in the body that must be expelled. Chinese herbs are very beneficial for clearing toxins and provides balance in your body. When you address the root condition for your acne you can see better results then with all of the overpriced products that are only a temporary fix. When you treat your condition from the inside, it decreases your chance of reoccurrence.

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