Balance your Body with Chinese Herbs

When the cold weather hits, our bodies feel the effect. In our body, the energy “Yang” and “Yin” also change. The “Yang” level is lowered and can have an impact on our health. For some it can affect their body temperature and they start to feel colder than normal, they can get a runny nose, or joint pain becomes worse. These signs indicate the “Yang” is not strong. Some experience the worsening of an allergy such as allergic rhinitis. Sometimes leading to a thinning of mucus and a very runny nose. This indicates that the immune system is weak and susceptible to illness. The first choice for many is to use nasal sprays and eyedrops that only mask the symptoms. Special Chinese herbs can help improve the “Yang” to strengthen immunity and balance the body. When the body achieves balance and the immune system is strengthened it is easier to fight off chronic allergies, because it treats the “root” of the problem and attacks the source to stop reoccurrence.

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