Chinese medicine for Pain Relief

A stiff neck can occur for many reasons, whether you slept wrong, have stress or pulled a muscle. It interferes with daily life and in some cases makes it hard to make sudden movements. Or maybe you injure your lower back by lifting heavy objects, or put pressure on it through exercise and you start to experience pain and stiffness. The pain can make it unbearable to accomplish even the most mundane tasks like bending down to pull over a sock. In these cases it is very important to receive treatment immediately for a quicker recovery time. Many people only use ice or patches over the injury to get relief but it is not enough, because the pain is within the tissue in the muscle. Chinese medicine is effective for fast pain relief and lasting pain relief. It can even help those that have other pain related ailments due to other conditions. Acupuncture as a standalone treatment can be effective but when combined with other methods, it can work a lot faster! Acupuncture and cupping helps infiltrate the pain source from within. In some instances you may add herbs to enhance the effect and aid with the pain and inflammation. After receiving only 1 treatment, many patients feel about 30% better. While treatment plans vary for everyone, anyone can benefit from it.

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