Weight Loss with Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine it is theorized that being overweight or obese, is related to the digestive system and imbalanced hormones. Consequently, our inner body has issues, such as food and water in our body digesting poorly. This can cause toxic heat and water more difficult to excrete from our body, so the weight increases. Many overweight people may experience constipation, irregular periods, insomnia, and stomach diseases. Using Chinese herbs & acupuncture we can clear the toxic heat and dampness in our body, and at the same time can benefit our inner organs to make sure they function well. The goal is to keep our body in balance for better overall wellness. Reaching and staying at a healthy weight is important, and it is also a chance to lower your risk for other serious health conditions. With the right Chinese medicine treatment and lifestyle change, it’s possible to lose weight and lower your risk for other health conditions.

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