Chinese Herbs for Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is caused by the immune response in our body to deal with harmful sources. Sometimes inflammation can become chronic and can be hard to control, even with the right medication. A patient came in with chronic inflammation on her fingers. She tried to treat the inflammation with prescription medication and nothing seemed to work. She had the inflammation for almost 2 months with no positive results from western medicine. When the patient came into our clinic, they were given a Chinese herbal treatment of 10 days. After only 10 days, here are the before and after pictures. You can see the amazing progress after only 10 days! Chinese herbs strengthen the immune system and have anti-inflammatory properties that are great for reducing inflammation. The herbs are also effective in clearing toxins in the body that can make the inflammation worse. This treatment is also ideal for treating eczema and acne, by treating the body from within and reducing inflammation for clearer skin.

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