Mental Health Improved with Chinese Medicine

Everyone experiences their off days, when things might not go well and in return one can feel irritated and moody. However, when this becomes a common occurrence, it can lead to more serious mental health issues as well as physical. In Chinese medicine it is believed that a person’s qi, or life force is being brought to a halt by the liver. Liver stagnation can cause irritability, anger, depression, and digestive issues that can lead to experiencing pain, gas, nausea, diarrhea, any many more uncomfortable symptoms. To relieve a liver stagnation, a TCM practitioner can be prescribe a Chinese herbal formula designed to directly address a specific set of symptoms, and root cause of each patient’s disease. Chinese herbs along with some added acupuncture sessions, can greatly improve a person’s mental health, as well as overall health. This will bring about a balancing of the body and proper qi flow to bring the body back to normal.

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